Diane Heckert
Technique & Materials

Technique & Materials

How i work

When it comes to my work, I never cognitively imagine any results prior to the onset of the creative process. Namely, my work is spontaneous and processual, and it gives free reign to my feelings and intuition. With different materials, such as coffee grounds, hide glue and marble dust, I create the tension on the canvas, or other painting supports, during the drying process, and as a result I am rewarded with the formation of unpredictable cracks. This process sometimes takes weeks and thus, requires patience. Still, it is a challenge I am happy to take on.

Only when the cracking process is almost completed, I design the image, still leaving space for the spectator to look and discover her or his very own image in it. My paintings deliberately lack titles, in order to avoid influencing the subconscious perception of the paintings by the observer.

I also like to use a wide variety of materials, such as stains, shellac, binders or different oils, which react with each other. Processes, that lead to unsuspected results.

My interest lays precisely in these unpredictable reactions of the materials used, which are reminiscent of the unforeseen in life. Namely, when these possibilities become facts, both in life and in this form of art, they need to be accepted and incorporated into the creative process which requires a whole new way of embracing them.

What I work with

My preferred materials for designing life-comparative processes include, almost without exception, natural materials such as,

  • marble powder
  • champagne chalk
  • gypsum plaster
  • pit lime
  • various types of sand
  • various types of chalk
  • various types of natural glue
  • coffee grounds
  • coal
  • different types of woods
  • vegetable oils
  • pigments and inks
  • waxes, egg tempera, casein